Why Digital Marketing is Important in 2019

With virtually everyone using some sort of device, it should be no surprise that digital marketing is becoming more important than television and radio. However, marketers need to be a lot more circumspect about which sites they use to market their goods and services, as well as which kind of campaigns they use. However, with a little bit of strategy, it is possible to combine techniques for a decidedly effective campaign, especially if one puts in the time and effort to cross t’s and dot i’s. Interestingly, the most effective campaigns have a lot in common with old school campaigns as networking continues to be surprisingly effective even as it takes a cybernetic twist.

In older eras, the most effective campaigns relied on word of mouth, where a satisfied customer would relate his experience to others and would even recommend the business to any of his friends looking for the products or service that the business sold. While the parallels to Facebook and other social media outlets is obvious, the twist is that businesses are looking for influencers, those with some pull over their friends, and using them to shill their goods for them. Given that some of these people have pull beyond their social media personas this means that they can take the campaign into other areas, such as rock concerts and other appearances. These influencers have become the favorites of advertisers everywhere.

Crowdsourcing is becoming more important, especially for smaller businesses. Using sites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter, crowdsourcing allows a business to gauge how popular its brand is. Through a coordinated marketing campaign, this allows a small to medium business to market its goods as well as a little added profit, especially if the campaign works. By using tiered rewards to entice customers to spend ever-increasing amounts as well as special surprises should extended goals be met, crowdsourcing has become a major source of income for some businesses, as well as a great form of marketing.

Networking sites are also still big, with some networking sites taking off. The advantage for marketers is that they can target networking sites, especially those that apply best for the company or product in question. For example, an outdoor sporting company can target an extreme sports network as part of its marketing campaign. These campaigns are even better than using mailers because the networking campaign is even more targeted than the mailer campaign, making it far more effective than any postal campaign.

The best thing about these campaigns is that they not only work well together, but they require little budget. They can be set up and go with little maintenance as well as little money, but they can have a major effect on the bottom line of the sponsoring company. This relatively limited budget alongside potentially huge reward is why digital marketing will remain a major force for the foreseeable future. Better yet, it works well for a company that may not rely on traditional marketing ensuring that digital marketing will be a force to deal with for a long time.


History of SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the most important building blocks for building websites. If you want your site to experience a high volume of traffic, you must understand how to effectively utilize search engine optimization. SEO is essentially the process of formatting your website in a manner that is going to be well received by various search engines. For example, one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to a website is by ranking your site on the first page of Google. When someone goes to Google and conducts a search that is similar to your website, the goal is to have your page pop up on the first page.

If your website is one of the first results for a given search term, you are inevitably going to have an increase in traffic. This is based on the fact that people are very likely to click on the first few links that pop up in various search results. There are two keys to building a website with great SEO. You are going to want to find a keyword that doesn’t have a lot of competition from other sites. This means you are going to want to find various keywords to embed on your page, which is not utilized by many other websites. The lower the competition for the exact keywords you are hoping to rank for, the greater the chance you will be successful at landing your website on the first page of search results. While you want to use keywords that are low in competition, there also needs to be a high volume of people that are searching for your keywords. Google has a tool that can be used to evaluate these numbers, which should give you a good idea as to which keywords to use on your page.

Search engine optimization has changed dramatically over the last twenty years or so. In the beginning, search engine optimization was all about getting a keyword stuffed into a website as much as possible. Search engines such as Google would see pages that had a ton of keywords and would rank them highly in the search results. This drove website owners to stuff as many keywords as possible into their pages, which had some negative consequences. These websites that used keyword stuffing wound up with content that was low quality. Keyword stuffing became a thing of the past when Google started to change the algorithm that determined how pages would be ranked.

The landscape is constantly changing these days, which makes it much more difficult to stay on top of SEO. Websites get ranked based on keywords, but there also has to be quite a bit of interaction on the page. The more social media websites that are connected to a website, the greater the chance the page is going to be ranked. Google and Bing have developed this type of algorithm to correctly evaluate whether a page is worth viewing or not. The higher the interaction and the more links that point back to the page, the better the search results are going to be for your keywords. Making it more important than ever to have a top of the line search engine optimization agency in your corner.