1999 Working Class Studies: Class, Identity, Nation

The conference grew in June 1999 to include participants from Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, Germany, China, and across the U.S.  Highlights included Feds Under the Bed, a moving and entertaining play telling the story of the development of a national organization for worker writers and community publishers in the U.K.; an exhibit on worker culture from Dortmund, Germany; and a series of workshops on teaching.  Keynote speakers included Paul Lauter, "Class, Classics, Classroom"; Stanley Aronowitz, "Work and the Politics of Identity"; and Elise Bryant, "In the Eye of the Beholder: Art and Labor Storytelling."  The conference provided the occasion for a major article by Jeff Sharlet on the growth of Working-Class Studies in the Chronicle of Higher Education.  The article highlighted some of the central issues emerging in the field.