Graduate Certificate for Working-Class Studies


The graduate certificate in Working-Class Studies provides students with an interdisciplinary overview of the history and culture of working-class people.  Emphasis is on concepts of class, work, and identity as well as strategies from multiple disciplines for gaining insight into working-class culture.


Students must complete four courses, chosen from this list: 

  • American Studies 5850, Class and Culture

  • American Studies 6970, Teaching Working-Class Studies

  • Management 5845, Work in America

  • English 6923, Working-Class Literature

  • History 6945, Preservation and Interpretation of the Industrial Built Environment

  • History 6939, Labor in U.S. History

Students may also petition to have one relevant topics course in English, History, or Business count toward the certificate.

Students may complete the certificate along with their Master's degree in Business, English, or History.  Two of the four courses may count towards the MA or MBA, and the other two must be taken as additional credits.

For information on certificate courses and admission, contact Sherry Linkon.