2001 Working-Class Studies: Memory, Community, and Activism
The May 2001 conference included participants from 31 U.S. states and six countries.  Featured speakers and events included "Class Consciousness: Immigrant Workers and the Path from Education to Action," by Jennifer Gordon, Labor Lawyer, Founder of The Workplace Project; "Oral History and the Complexities of Working-Class Experience," by Alessandro Portelli, American Literature, University of Rome; readings from The Heat: Steelworker Lives and Legends, by Jimmy Santiago Baca and steelworkers from Gary and Baltimore; and a photographic exhibition and poetry reading from This Working Life, by Russ Marshall.  Other highlights of the conference were a plenary focusing on strategies and resources for developing working-class studies as a field, 10 off-campus workshops, including a Youngstown Prison tour, a workshop on community organizing featuring members of ACTION (a local church-based community change group); a series of documentary film screenings followed by conversations with the filmmakers; and several workshops aimed at providing training in activism, working-class pedagogy, and other topics.