Lecture Series

Each year, the CWCS sponsors approximately six on-campus presentations on Working-Class Studies.  Most of these are co-sponsored with other Youngstown State University departments and programs, and all are open to the public.  To ensure that local workers and community members are aware of these events and feel welcome, we reach out through press releases, advertising, radio interviews, and personal contacts, and in many cases we set up special opportunities for our visitors to meet with community people. 

The 2001-2002 Lecture Series includes, among others, "'Machine Gun' and Soldiers' Blues: Jimi Hendrix, Vietnam, and Black Conscription" by Kimberley L. Phillps and "Documentation of Working-Class Life: Unseen America and Class in America" by Esther Cohen and Louis Alvarez.  

The 2002-2003 Lecture Series includes, among others, "Preparing African-American Adolescents for Civil Society: Traditional African Values at Work" by Emmanuel Babatunde and "Working-Class Autobiography" by Tim Strangleman. 

The 2003-2004 Lecture Series includes, among others, "The Consequences of Class in Italian-American Culture" by Fred Gardaphe and "The Relationship Between the Civil Rights Movement and the Labor Movement: Connections, Contradictions, and Contemporary Lessons" by Dorian Warren. 

The  2004-2005 Lecture Series includes, among others,  "Clash of Globalizations?: The Politics of International Labor Rights" by Thomas Greven and "The African-American Freedom Struggle: Shifting Visions and Strategies" by Joe W. Trotter. 

The  2005-2006 Lecture Series includes, among others, "Wal-Mart and the Wal-Martization of American Industry" by Thomas Palley and "The Ethical Challenges of Globalization" by John Coleman.

The  2006-2007 Lecture Series includes, among others, "Women and Work in Modern China" by Tong Xin and "Working Ohio/Working Youngstown: A Photographic and Poster Exhibition" by Steven Cagan and Alyssa Lenhoff.

The  2007-2008 Lecture Series includes, among others, "Spinning Rebellion: The Attica Prison Uprising, the Media, and the (Mis)Shaping of Working-Class Politics in Post-1970s United States" by Heather Thompson and "The China Labor Conundrum: Engage or Sanctions?" by Katie Quan.