The Center for Working-Class Studies (CWCS) at Youngstown State University (YSU) was the first academic program in the U.S. to focus on issues of work and class.  CWCS members have been at the forefront of "new working-class studies," an international movement that brings together academics, artists, activists, students, and others who are interested in the history, experiences, stories, and politics of the working class. 

Started in 1996, the CWCS is housed in YSU’s College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and closely affiliated with the American Studies Program.  The Center offers courses in American Studies, English, History, and Labor Studies, including a four-course graduate certificate and a focus area within the American Studies MA program.  Along with two co-directors, Sherry Linkon and John Russo, the Center has twelve faculty affiliates, eight community affiliates, and a full-time administrative assistant, Patty LaPresta.  Located in Smith Hall, the CWCS has offices, an art gallery, a library, a classroom, and a computer lab.


Our Mission: To increase awareness of and respect for working-class life and culture through education, the arts, media, and research

Our Goals:

   Provide models and resources for teaching about working-class life and culture in K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and community settings

   Promote awareness of and appreciation for writing, art, and other creative expressions of working-class experience

   Advocate for public policies that serve the interests of working-class people

   Support research that critically and respectfully analyzes the experiences, conditions, and needs of the global working class


Sniff a banana, an apple, peppermint or pure cambogia ultra is a good thing to lose weight

Sounds silly, but it works. When Dr. Alan R. Hirsch, of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago was tested on 3000 volunteers, he found that people who felt their food more frequently than others were less hungry and had lost more than weight, an average of 12 kg each. One theory suggests that sniffing the food suggests that the brain may eat.

Green tea leaves contain both caffeine, between 3 and 4%, and catechins, two substances that increase the concentration of norepinephrine in the body. However, this compound helps increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation. Studies on rats have demonstrated the anti-obesity effect of vert2 tea. Those performed on humans are less categorical but still seem to be beneficial in weight loss. A meta-analysis of 11 studies conducted, showed that green tea catechins had an interest in weight loss and in its maintien3, especially during moderate exercise.

How to consume green tea or Pure cambogia?

Green tea is mainly used as an infusion. However it can be found in the form of pellets or capsules. A cup of green tea contains about 50 mg of caféine4. It is recommended to not exceed three to four cups of pure green tea, which can not go beyond the average daily recommended doses of 300 mg of caffeine. Because of suspected hepatotoxic effect, especially green tea is consumed on an empty stomach, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recommends to consume by eating.

The guarana seed, a shrub native to the Brazilian Amazonia, is also used as a supplement in certain slimming diets. It belongs, like green tea, the "fat-burning" which promote degradation of recent and increasing metabolic activity.

How it works?

Guarana has its effects to its high caffeine content. Besides an increase in vigilance and rapid heartbeat, caffeine would be responsible for the increase of cell metabolism and thus fat loss. Researchers have shown that especially the consumption of this compound increased the energy expenditure and has an impact on the saturation sensation.

Doing guarana?

The guarana can be consumed as a beverage, fluid extract, capsules or ultra effervescent tablets. For an adult, the dose of guarana is 1 to 3 g of powder per day maximum. It should not be administered in hypertensive patients or children under 16 years. Furthermore, the ESCOP (European Scientific Cooperative would Phytotherapy) does not recommend its use in pregnant and lactating women.

The apple is the fruit health par excellence. His pectins are known to regulate bowel movements but they are also used in ultra food supplements, as appetite suppressant. what is garcinia cambogia

How pure cambogia ultra acts like appetite suppressant?

The apple appetite suppressant activity is related to its content of pectins, vegetable fiber. Once ingested, these fibers are capable of absorbing large amounts of water to form a viscous gel that increases the volume of the bolus (chewed food = mixed with saliva), reduce the activity of digestive enzymes and thus decrease the faim2-3 sensation. Two studies in rats have shown that the combination of pectin and apple polyphenols decreased the blood triglycerides and had a anti-obesity activity. However, few clinical studies on humans were devoted to the issue. One of them showed a conclusive effect but it covered only 35 sujets.

How to eat the apple to promote weight loss?

AFSSA has not proposed dose limits on the consumption of apples. For optimal efficiency, taking pectins must be performed before the meal and drinking plenty of water.

Fluent in Asian cuisine, konjac is used in the treatment of mild constipation but also as "appetite suppressant" to help weight loss. It is a perennial plant consists of umbrella leaves, but only the tubers are used.

How it works?

The activity "appetite suppressant" konjac is related to its high content of pure glucomannan. These are dietary fibers that have a great power of absorption of water through their important gelling properties. One gram of these fibers can absorb up to 200 ml of water 1! Therefore, konjac causes an increase in the viscosity of the bolus, and therefore a delay in gastric emptying. This induces a greater feeling of satiety and decreased absorption of sugars and fats which are found in the selles. No study, however, has yet succeeded in proving a ultra effect on weight loss in practice.

How to take konjac?

To avoid problems of obstruction, it is best to consume it in capsule form, because they allow disintegration of their content only from the stomach. In addition, it is recommended to drink about 200 ml of water simultaneously with the ingestion of the capsule. Recommended doses are approximately 1 g, one hour before each meal.

Plant which can reach 3 meters in height, the Nopal is frequently used as a supplement in slimming diets. These are its cladodes, kinds of branches having the appearance of a sheet, which are used in medicine because they contain large quantities of ultra polysaccharides.

How it works?

The nopal cladodes have diuretic and hypoglycemic properties. This means that they promote the secretion of urine and they decrease the storage of triglycerides in adipose tissue. A study on rats has shown that an extract of cladodes had a hypoglycemic effect at very low doses (6 mg / kg) 1. However, no study on weight loss has yet been demonstrated. However, its high dietary fiber allows it to be used as an appetite suppressant as the konjac or apple.

Doing cambogia ultra?

The recommended dose is 3 g of dry plant per day2. In Mexico, nopal cladodes are consumed for years. Therefore, given the decline there is in ingesting this plant, we can consider that there is no toxicity.

Want to lose weight when you are not overweight

Do not manipulate the perfect image of the ideal woman who has to go in a size 32. If your weight is stable without depriving yourself and your body displays a pure harmony, it is useless to fight and starve to lose a few extra kilos. Especially since you dérèglerez your body and its natural regulation. The solution to overcome these little kilos: "Move more to your muscles," explains Véronique Liégois, dietician-nutritionist.

Make express regimes

To lose weight quickly and resume as quickly, nothing like that express diets without stabilization phase. "The express diets are often unbalanced and too restrictive. You lose weight quickly, but you pick up as much or more in the following weeks, "explains Véronique Liégois. To avoid. It reduced its consumption avoids snacking and goes to sport.

Make a perpetual diet

After a diet rebalancing, the weight of your body has stabilized. So no need to put it to perpetual diet and starve yourself. The risk ? By disrupting your metabolism, you will lose all the efforts made by your first regime and its stabilization phase.

Make an ultra restrictive regime

No sugar, no salt, no fat, no carbohydrates ... The restrictive diets do lose weight but especially promotes rapid recovery of weight lost. Too frustrating these plans grow to binge. "Go for food rebalancing close to your habits. A varied diet including all the food you like at reasonable dose. This is an effective guarantee for the long term, "recalls Véronique Liégois.

Want to lose weight as fast as your friend and your Jules

Do not copy your neighbor's regime, nor that of your girlfriend and especially not that of your man. Although it's pretty motivating and practice starting a diet a couple, we do not forget that the male sex has a different metabolism, higher than that of women. Men naturally eliminate more calories to operate their bodies. Moreover, they consist only of 10-15% fat mass while women bear 25%. So they lose weight much faster! The motivation from beginning may dwindle if you realize that your efforts are not as pay as you Jules. We must set a reasonable target that matches its morphology and its body and a rational purpose, which is linked to motivation and temperament and does not compare. "Each metabolism is unique and it works in its own way," explains Véronique Liégois.

Change your diet

To lose weight and stabilize, do not follow a diet that alters your eating habits too. "Personal habits come back quickly," says Véronique Liégois. "The results over the long term can only be achieved by putting flat your eating habits and changing as little as possible." This does not prevent trying to make new good pure habits.

Eat differently than your spouse and your family

A healthy and balanced diet suitable for the whole family even if it is not the plan. To lose weight, do not focus on ultra-lights dishes and live in frustration.

You have to eat less and learn to compensate for differences caused by invitation. A table with your family, do not eat bread, not resservez you and settle for a yoghurt and a fruit dessert.

Drinking plenty of water

Drink water never did lose weight. It is not recommended to drink more than reason. All the more so if you have water retention problems, you will tend to grow.

To drink like other pure foods, the secret is the right dose. Water requirements is between 1 liter and 1.5 liters a day, "recalls Véronique Liégois.

Make a fasting diet

Fasting can help detoxify the body but never did lose weight. "A 24h of fasting can be seen as a step to start a food change, but not as a starter slimming" explains Véronique Liégois.

Alternate strict diet and overeating

Be restricted, crack and regain control generates a stress on the body. The more you starve your body, the more stores in anticipation of an upcoming restriction. And you may eventually gain weight.