Working-Class Studies is a growing field, with new centers, projects, and resources developing all the time. To get involved in your field or geographical region, please contact our colleagues in the following programs.  If you are organizing a center or project that should be listed here, please let us know.



Race, Gender & Class Project

This interdisciplinary program sponsors an annual conference in New Orleans each October, and it publishes the journal Race, Gender, and Class.


Jean Ait Belkhir or Lenus Jack, Jr.

Department of Social Sciences

Southern University at New Orleans

6400 Press Drive

New Orleans, LA 70126



Labor and Working-Class History Association

LAWCHA sponsors the North American Labor History Conference every October in Detroit, organizes sessions for conferences in related fields, awards prizes, and works to develop academic and public history projects related to the study of working-class and labor history.


Robin Dearmon Jenkins

Department of History

240 Baker Hall

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA 15213




Group for the Study of Working-Class Life

This network of approximately 50 faculty at SUNY, Stony Brook, sponsored the "How Class Works Conference" in June 2002, and it has organized a number of projects on campus and in the community.  Its focus is in social science approaches to Working-Class Studies.


Michael Zweig
Dept. of Economics
SUNY at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4384


The People's Geography Project

The goal of this project is to create "geography from below," creating academic and public projects focused on working-class perspectives on space and place.  Along with organizing conference sessions and a research network, the People's Geography Project is producing books and materials for the general public.


Don Mitchell

230 Euclid Avenue, Room 101

Syracuse, NY 13244





This e-mail list provides scholars working on labor history a place for discussion and sharing of resources. 



310 Auditorium Building
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824



Working-Class Academics Group

This organization links academics from working-class backgrounds, regardless of field.  It sponsors an active e-mail discussion list and an annual conference.


Barbara Peters



Chicago Center for Working-Class Studies

A consortium of faculty from seven universities in the Chicago area, the Chicago CWCS sponsors labor and working-class events, ranging from guest speakers to exhibits and workshops, in the Chicago area.


Robert Bruno

Jamie Owen Daniel



Center for African-American Women's Labor Studies, University of Maryland

This center is dedicated to the multidisciplinary study of work in the lives of black and other racial/ethnic woman through both "traditional" scholarship and community work.  CAWLS sponsors an ongoing interdisciplinary research seminar, "Meanings and Representations of Work in the Lives of Women of Color," that brings together women of color scholars from diverse fields to explore how the work of women of color shapes and is shaped by class, sexuality, family, the workplace.  


Caitlin Phelps

Afro-American Studies Program

University of Maryland, College Park




Working-Class Studies Caucus of the American Studies Association

The Caucus organizes several sessions at the ASA conference each year, where it also holds a planning meeting.  The group also aims to facilitate networking among American Studies scholars, whether faculty or graduate students.


Dierdre Murphy

Steve Garabedian



Society for the Study of Working-Class Literature

Organized by regular participants at the American Literature Association, this group organizes conference sessions and other programs on working-class literature and hosts an e-mail discussion group.


Renny Christopher



Working-Class Culture and Pedagogy Special Interest Group of the Conference on College Composition and Communication

This group sponsors an e-mail discussion group that studies working-class concerns in conjunction with composition and literature pedagogy.  As a CCCC SIG, WCCP organizes sessions focusing on working-class issues and special projects that link CCCC with local working-class communities. 


 Ira Shor



Minnesota Center for Labor and Working Class Studies

This Center offers interdisciplinary teaching, outreach, and research activities focused on securing greater social justice for working people on the job, at home and in the community.  Center members work closely with labor unions, individuals and organizations in the community who are concerned with improving the lives of workers regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or nationality.  Currently, the Center sponsors a movie series, book club and speakers.


Howard Kling

University of Minnesota



Jeff Crump

University of Minnesota




Caucus on Class in Film Studies

The Caucus engages issues of class in economic, political, and ideological terms, and in relation to problematics of gender, sexuality, race, nationality and ethnicity.  The Caucus on Class inquires critically into connections between these general issues and the specific areas of film and media production, distribution, reception, scholarship, and pedagogy.  The Caucus is particularly concerned to critique these areas of film and media work insofar as they contribute to the perpetuation rather than the eradication of oppressive, alienating, and exploitative divisions along class lines.


Co-Chairs: Terri Ginsberg

                  Patricia Keeton



Working-Lives Research Institute

The Working-Lives Research Institute is a research center devoted to the study of work.


Tim Strangleman