Welcome to Youngstown

The displays in this on-line exhibit examine a variety of representations of work and working-class culture, using materials from family photo albums and scrapbooks, local museums and publications, and other local sources, including the streets of Youngstown.  The exhibit was created by students in American Studies 701/Labor Studies 740, Representations of Work in Youngstown, during Spring Quarter, 1999 and Winter Quarter, 2000.


My Grandfather's 1969 Mustang

"Uncle Bob's Glasses"

Pittsburgh &Lake Erie Railroad

Railroads: The Industrialization of Youngstown

The White Hat


My Father's Tools


Irish-American Steelworkers

Company Baseball Teams

Grandpa's Citizenship Papers 

Working at WCI -- My Dad and Me


African American Steelworkers in Youngstown



Didek's Market

Steel Street

Idora Park:  Work and Play in Youngstown


Diamond's Restaurant 


Images of a Ghost Town

Poems from Young's Town

Paintings of Youngstown Strikes

Brier Hill Reference Book


Ohio's First Nurses' Strike, 1966

We're Steel Running

For information about this exhibit or the course, contact Dr. Sherry Linkon, Center for Working-Class Studies.

July, 2000